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We are a hardfork of Ripple (XRP), the difference being that we are almost 1000 times cheaper right now and we print physical money as well – truly anarchistic. Welcome to the Escobar Family, buy your Escobar Cash now:


This is the only official whitepaper pertaining to the Escobar Cash (ECH) cryptocurrency and our crypto-notes.

Free Book

Please read the new book “ESCOBAR CASH IS THE WORLD’S FIRST PHYSICAL CRYPTOCURRENCY: WE ARE NOW PRINTING MONEY” by Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria completely for free. Pablo Escobar always believed in helping people, we want to educate people on crypto and we are showing that by giving away a 120 page book to you completely free.

  • World’s first hybrid Cryptocurrency.
    These Escobar notes have patented technology which embeds your Digital crypto INTO the Notes themselves

  • Transact anonymously.
    You can choose to transact using your physical notes just like you would pay with your cash. Hand to hand – peer to peer. If and when you want to transfer your crypto from the note, The app allows you to Scan and receive the amount to your wallet.

  • Anonymous Wallet.
    We don´t ask for your personal details. Upon downloading the app, A Randomly generated wallet will be assigned. No name, no verification, no data collected.

  • No gas fees, We don´t penalize usage
    0 in gas fees. Send your digital ECH to other people with no additional costs

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Don’t hesitate send us an email for any partnerships, exchange deals and/or other deals:

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